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We Are GreySoul

A collective of gamers dedicated to building a community that fosters excellence while maintain balance. This site serves as a monument to the dedication of our members, past and present, and celebrates the achievements that we have accomplished together since 1998.

Who we are

A combine of souls
devoted to balance

We are GreySoul

Originally founded in 1998 for Diablo 2, we are a dedicated group of casual and hardcore players.

Diablo 4

The dark world of Sanctuary is where we call home. We are dedicated to building a strong clan.

Lost Ark

When Diablo isn’t our focus we play Lost Ark as well as various other aRPG’s on the market.


Our members converge on our ranked Discord server to chat, coordinate gameplay, and share.

State of the Clan, August 2023

With Diablo 4 fully launched and Season 1 fully in effect, it felt like a good time to break down expectations for the clan, and roadmap what all of this is going to look like going forward. This is a bit of a lengthy one, but I wanted to make sure I cover everything in […]


Diablo 4 Weekly Roundup for 7/8 – Season of the Malignant Announced

Hey Everyone, Shade here again with updates for Diablo 4 from the week of 72/ to 7/8. It was a pretty busy week with plenty of things being announced, like all of season one “Season of the Malignant.” Let’s get started. New Twitch drops are live for our mounts in game. Hit this link when […]

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